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After moving my 12 lx200 gps cross country and doing a software update for the gps bug i felt it was time to do a smart drive update it has been. Lx200 technical help needed discussions scopes whole. Steps to align the meade lx200gps telescope in equatorial mode. The original version was later informally named the classic lx200 as newer upgraded versions replaced it. Here is a link to an unlisted youtube video i made two nights ago of the moon with this telescope i have not made public. Hope this is helpful for those looking to learn how to update the tour list. Meade classic and autostar i this is the proper driver for most other meade scopes. The lx200acf includes all the fieldproven features of the lx200 including gps, primary mirror lock, oversized primary mirror, smartdrive, smart mount, autostar ii and more.

It features an onoff rocker switch for easy operation. Autofilx200 is a wireless adapter for telescope control systems such as meade lx200, lx400, lx600. Meade s dsi camera control and basic image processing software. Meades autostar ii hand controller system comes with refined astronomy software suitable for operating lx200acf, lx600acf, and lx850acs meade model telescopes only. The autostar ii has improved upon the previous model in many ways, such as an expanded 3.

Ive done mostly casual visual observing in the past, so some of the imperfections in the 200 have been more annoying than fatal for this it has been fine out of the box for years. I am trying to use the computer for telescope control i have the meade rs232serial with a usb crossover and know when drivers downloaded it showed com port 8 to use but it still does not see the telescope. The meade lx200 is a family of commercial telescopes produced by meade instruments launched in 1992 with 8 20. It must be used with the serial cable rs232 provided by meade with the webcam lpi. Controlling a meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and stellarium. Meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and stellarium scope software.

Meade lx200 gpssmt f10 telescope for sale online ebay. I own several meade lx200 classic telescopes and i completely enjoy using them. Upon installation, please use serial number 783a36800007296416. With the control panel on the south side not the north as shown in the picture. Computer control of lx 200 lx200 series meade 4m community. The only meade i know of that orientates itself are the ls6 and ls8. Scope to control a meade etx or lx200 telescope from a computer. A world leader in the manufacturing of telescopes, solar telescopes, microscopes, optics, binoculars, for amateur. The lx200acf comes fully equipped with a heavy duty height adjustable meade field tripod, 1. What with observing season a few months away its oregon, after all i finally decided to to some upgrading on my 10 lx200gps while the weather still keeps me indoors. Meade lx200 10 gps telescope firmware update for 2099 year problem. The lx200acf includes all the fieldproven features of the lx200 including gps, primary mirror lock, oversized primary mirror, smartdrive.

If it werent for the lx200 stability and accuracy along with nifty goto, there would be many other choices. Today, meade offers the lx200gpssmt line of fully automat ed goto and global positioning system gpsequipped tele. If you own a meade lx200 gps and have an error message with the meade hand box version 09a0 than you need to watch this video. The meade lx200acf brings advanced comafree acf optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Meade lx200gps hand controller replacement fix youtube. Right 90 degree angle power adapter for meade lx200gps, lx200 classic, lx90, lxd55, etx, with 5. After a few erratic evenings with some azimuth runaway motions, that axis no longer responds to any commands.

As long as youre aware of this issue or simply want to use the scope for observing, the 8inch lx200acf is a great performer and the perfect upgrade for a beginner wanting to. Skysafari 6 pro ios skysafari 6 pro android skysafari 6 plus download. Meade telescope parts and accessories for sale in stock. Building on the legendary reputation of their predecessor meade lx200 telescopes and the result of a twoyear design effort at the meade irvine facility, meade 10 lx200 gps computerized telescopes take previous telescope technology to a level heretofore unimagined. Meades dsi camera control and basic image processing software. The rj12 plug connects to the rs232 port on the telescope for gps power and data. You can find a wide variety of new and used meade telescope parts to meet the needs of any. Power on location determined setup complete gpslx200 cable connects the gps receiver to an lx200 classic or lx200gps. Repair or upgrade your telescope, or surprise the astronomer in your life with meade replacement parts for his or her telescope. Skysafari 6 plus ios skysafari 6 plus android envisage imaging software v7. With more than 5,000 times the lightgathering power of.

Meade lx200 10 gps telescope firmware update for 2099 year. These directions apply specifically to the meade lx200gps, lx200r, and lx200acf. These directions apply specifically to the meade lx200 gps, lx200 r, and lx200 acf. Meade lnt patented levelnorth technology allows you to quickly and precisely align your telescope by automatically leveling meade lx 200 gps telescope and determining true north. This allows to connect the meade lx200 operating with rs232 to a usb port, creating a virtual port on your computer thanks to the software supplied. Celestron nexstar 4 gt, 80 gt, 114gt, 5, 5i, 8, 8i, gps and ultima 2000 generic lx200 and other lx series scopes many emulations including bartels, fs2 losmandy gemini controller levels meade lx200, lx200gps, and autostar meade specific features supported meade telescope and focuser vixen skysensor 2000 pc. The companys innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. Now you can own similar optics to what the professionals use.

Stargps nx for meade lx200 telescopes lowest prices opt. The new lx200acf is the biggest news in astronomy since, well. Worlds leading manufacturer of astronomical telescopes for the serious amateur astronomer. Announced in september, 2001, few telescopes in the thirtyyear history of meade instruments have aroused such intense interest. Apr 2003 after i sent the message about using the jmi hand paddle with my lx200gps, i did some more testing and, to my dismay, found that i could not control the focus speed while using the meade paddle.

It performs an assortment of gyrations, twists and tilts to orientate itself before heading off to a. Telescope cases provide great protection for your instrument and a convenient way to carry and store it. Before completing the next step, verify that the telescopes computer is configured for a polar mount. Updating your telescope firmware the open architecture of the meade autostaraudiostar permits the update of operating software, the loading of events such as comets, satellites, and minor planets, and allows you to share or clone this information with other autostarsaudiostars. After a park command is completed, the software must be disconnected.

Mapugastronomy homepage for meade advanced products. I recently had to update the firmware on two lx200 gps telescopes. Meade rcx400 this is exclusively for the meade rcx400 scopes. The options to remove this effect are to use a field derotator, a meade dsi pro camera that can derotate short images, or fit the scope on a polaraligned wedge.

Find all the latest tips and tricks to get the most out of meades autostar ii. To upgrade your autostar version for any of the meade go to telescopes that are capable of upgrading etx 90, 105, 125, lx 90, lxd55s, and the lx200 gps scopes you will need to install the current or user preferred firmware. Also general amateur astronomy topics like observatory, dome, pier, equatorial wedge, permanent pier, astro software, remote operation of observatory, remote operation of telescope. Th ere are plenty of these telescopes in use, and technology is trying to make them less desirable. I promised to make a new video, my last one i made i was sick with the flew so finally i made a new one. Meade lx200 gpsr this is exclusively for the autostar ii meade lx200gps and lx200r scopes. I have also noticed that meades latest updater and website is steering me towards version 4.

Meade lx200 gpsr this is exclusively for the autostar ii meade lx200gps. This software provides an efficient way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute digital media. View and download meade lx200gpssmt technical manual online. Controlling a meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and stellarium scope software, part 2 duration. Simply connect the gps to your telescope, turn on the scope, and watch the gps led indicate. The mapugastronomy meade advanced products users group resource website for the meade lx200, rcx400, lx90, lx50, lxd55, starfinder, and etx telescopes. Meade autostar ii controller lowest prices free shipping. However, my experience with the lx200 makes it in a class by itself. The meade usb to serial cable provides the capability of using the usb port on a personal computer to connect to a. Meade 10 lx200gps schmidtcassegrain telescope w uhtc.

All considered, the 7 meade mak lx200 is a powerful package for the price. Its the biggest news in astronomy since, well, the lx200. It can be used for a rapid telescope targeting with help of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Stargps adds gps to your meade, celestron, losmandy gemini, vixen starbook, starbook types, orion atlassirius goto, skywatcher synscanskyscan or astrophysics gto. Backyardeos and meade lx200gps ascom control otelescope. Updating your telescope firmware meade instruments. If i understand the above thread, bye does not work with meade ascom drivers. Sony gps receiver sensor automatically inputs precise time, date, and geographical location to help quickly and precisely align meade lx200 gps telescope.

These packages are available by downloading from the meade updater site at. Starpatch updates the internal handset software so that it can recognize gps nmea data and use this to set the date, time, latitude and longitude. Products include astronomical telescopes and accessories, eyepieces, ccd imaging equipment, astronomical software, spotting scopes, binoculars, and microscopes. Lx200 telescopes meade instruments telescopes, solar. Pempro will be able to directly readwrite to the mounts pec table with all firmware versions 2. Meade 8 lx200 acf meade 8 inch computerized telescope. The lx200 14 with gps i have met did not do a level and north itself, but it was on a pillar and may have been set up differently or the initial procedure was. Starpatch allows you to use almost any gps receiver with the meade autostar 497497ep or audiostar handsets see telescope models.

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